'Celebrity Big Brother' Rumors: Will a Former HG Return as a Celeb?
'Celebrity Big Brother' Rumors: Will a Former HG Return as a Celeb?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
New rumors about potential HGs on Celebrity Big Brother have emerged, and it's possible that a former contestant from the regular version of the show will be back as a "celebrity." According to blogger Perez Hilton, Frankie Grande is a potential houseguest on the upcoming celebrity season.

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The information comes from Twitter, where a fan asked if Perez had any info on Celebrity Big Brother (he was a former contestant on the U.K. version of CBB). Perez responded that Blac Chyna and Frankie Grande are in the mix, as well as a former member of the Trump administration, either Sean Spicer or Anthony Scaramucci.

Frankie, the half-brother of pop star Ariana Grande, finished fifth on Big Brother 16 and then appeared in the U.K. version of Celebrity Big Brother. On the show he referred to himself as a "social media mogul" and he definitely seems like the kind of guy who would consider himself to be a celebrity. However, his time on BB16 also led to him being one of the most hated HGs of all-time by many fans.

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Would the show bring him back for Celebrity Big Brother? It seems possible since CBS has already brought him back several times for special editions of The Price Is Right and Candy Crush, as well as being a part of the fictional superhero team the Revengers. The problem is that Frankie would obviously have a huge advantage in many of the competition. The only positive aspect may be that, if Frankie returns for the Celebrity version, he may not be a part of any potential All-Stars season in the future.

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Blac Chyna, the former fiancee of Rob Kardashian, is a name that has been mentioned before, so she may be a real contender to be in the house. Spicer seems unlikely, but the Mooch, who spent 10 days as a member of Trump's administration, seems like a reasonable fit.

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Do you want to see Frankie return for Celebrity Big Brother? If not, should they bring back any former regular HGs (like maybe Dr. Will Kirby)?

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Wednesday, February 7 at 8/7c on CBS. For more CBB updates, like BuddyTV's Big Brother Facebook page.

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