'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: The HoH Competition Sends Omarosa to the Hospital
'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: The HoH Competition Sends Omarosa to the Hospital
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Celebrity Big Brother is moving at a breakneck speed, both on TV and in the house. Sunday night brought us our fifth hour in five days, and with a shocking vote flip that saw Chuck Liddell become the first HG evicted, the game is shaking up.

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In this episode we get to see the fallout, particularly from Omarosa, and a new HoH competition, which also becomes focused on Omarosa. And then there are the nominations, all about...you guessed it, Omarosa.

The Eviction Fallout

Everyone knows that the game has just started. James takes full credit for breaking up the women's alliance. He didn't actually have a lot to do with it, but the women are definitely at each others' throats, with Omarosa and Keshia on the outs.

Before the eviction, Ross, Marissa and Shannon agree to a Final 4 with James, and while James and Shannon seem into it, Ross is happy to leave his options open.

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The old women's alliance wants to talk to Omarosa as a group, but she demands a one-on-one with Shannon. Shannon explains that the rest of the alliance was worried that Keshia made a side deal with Chuck. Omarosa wants to know who is the leader and she doubts that Brandi or Marissa could be a mastermind. Omarosa seems most annoyed that Shannon betrayed her because they've been together since the start.

Shannon decides to come clean to the rest of her new group about the deal she made with Omarosa on the first day, explaining that this is how she got information about Keshia and Chuck. They all acknowledge that Shannon is brilliant and playing the game hard, which is not a good thing. At this point, the target on Shannon is bigger than Frankie Grande's ego.

Omarosa and Keshia meet with Metta and explain to him that voting for Chuck meant that he voted for Chuck to be evicted. He thought he was saving Chuck because Metta is clueless about the game.

Celebrity Bowlerina

The HoH competition is Bowlerina, where two HGs go head-to-head, spinning around and then trying to knock down pins. It's done in a standard knockout format with the last person standing becoming the next HoH.

Shannon talks to her group about the strategy of targeting Omarosa and then Metta. Omarosa breaks it up and calls her out for it. Between this and Omarosa breaking up James' proposed deal with Shannon in the first HoH, she is always playing the game.

Omarosa challenges Marissa: Omarosa thinks it will be an easy win, but Marissa danced on Broadway. Marissa wins.

Afterwards, Omarosa has trouble breathing because of her asthma. She goes inside for medical attention.

Ross challenges Metta: Metta is confident and throws the alls extremely hard, but Ross and his bouncing man boobs pull out the win.

Mark challenges Brandi: Mark wins. Brandi thinks she would've done better if she was drunk.

James challenges Ariadna: James wins. He knocks down all the pins on his first try.

Shannon challenges Mark: Mark wins. That's two wins for him.

Marissa challenges James: James wins. He seems to knock down all four pins with just four balls. He is crushing this competition and people on the sidelines are taking notice.

Ross challenges Mark: Ross wins.

Ross vs. James: They are the last two. Shannon tells James to throw it and he agrees because he wants to play next week and prove that he's loyal to his new Final 4. James struggles to throw it because Ross takes a long time, but he does.

Ross Mathews is the new HoH!

Perhaps the most interesting part is that, in the diary room, we see that James is 100 percent committed to his Final 4 alliance with Shannon, Ross and Marissa, but Ross really doesn't trust him.

Where's Omarosa?

After the competition, Omarosa is MIA and no one knows her status. Marissa talks to Ross and says that if Omarosa doesn't return, he should go after James and Shannon to break them up, despite literally making a Final 4 deal with them about 12 hours earlier. They are worried about having to beat those two in competitions later in the game.

Ross gets a message for the house that Omarosa went to the hospital for an asthma attack, but she's recovering and will return before the nomination ceremony. When Omarosa returns to the house, she slinks in quietly and goes to bed without talking to anyone.

The Nominations

Since Omarosa returned, Ross can stick to his first option, nominating Omarosa and Keshia. That's the easiest and safest move since it gets no blood on his hands.

However, Ross does cast more suspicion on Shannon and James, telling Brandi and Ariadna that they have a Final 2 and Shannon is the biggest threat. It's never too early to start planting those seeds.

At the nomination ceremony, Ross nominates Omarosa and Keshia. Ross tries to give a speech, but Omarosa tells him not to bother because they get it. God bless her, Omarosa always steals the spotlight.

Keshia is upset that the girls' alliance fell apart (um, maybe because you invited a non-girl like Ross into it). Ross adds that if one of them wins the Power of Veto, he might make the bigger move of backdooring Shannon.

The second Power of Veto and live eviction will play out Monday night. Who do you want to see get evicted next?

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