'Celebrity Big Brother' Finale Predictions: Who Will Win?
'Celebrity Big Brother' Finale Predictions: Who Will Win?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's the finale of the first season of Celebrity Big Brother. Five HGs remain, but after three competitions, three evictions and a jury vote, only one will become the winner. Which celebrity will take home the $250,000 prize for three-and-a-half weeks of work?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.

Ross won the Final 5 HoH. He nominated Ariadna and Omarosa. Ross then won the final Power of Veto and chose not to use it.

At this point, it's clear that Omarosa will be evicted in fifth place, so she won't be winning anything. The Final 4 (Mark, Ross, Marissa and Ariadna) will then play in one final competition, with the winner evicting two HGs and picking who they want to sit next to in the Final 2.

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What will each person do if they win and how will the jury vote?

If Ross Wins: Ross has promised Mark that he will take him to the end if he wins, seeing him as the easiest person to beat. In that scenario, I assume Ross will in fact win the game. He may have betrayed people and created a few enemies in the jury, but this would mean Ross won six competitions, compared to Mark's one (and that was when James let him win).

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Ariadna, Brandi and Marissa would obviously vote for Ross to win, and I suspect Keshia and Chuck would as well. I could see Metta voting for him, unless Shannon poisoned him against Ross, and even Omarosa might respect that he took her out and vote for him. I wouldn't be totally surprised if James was the only person to vote for Mark to win.

If Mark Wins: He also promised to take Ross, fearing that he couldn't win against a woman with five of them on the jury. Even if he wins the last HoH and makes the move to take Ross, I don't' see that changing much. It might be enough to sway one or two people to Mark's side, but I think Ross still has the advantage.

If Ariadna Wins: She has said she would take Ross to the end with her, and I have no reason not to believe her. But I also don't think it matters. Ariadna has been the nicest person all season. Everyone loves her and since she's most famous  for coming in second place in Miss Universe, I think the jury would feel awful if they didn't vote for her to win. I think Ariadna would win against anyone else, but I also think the only way she gets to the Final 2 is if she wins the last competition.

If Marissa Wins: She's a bit of a wild card, mostly because she doesn't seem to be playing the game to win. She's admitted that she'd probably lose to Ross, but she seems OK with that. I think she's playing more for friendship and the experience rather than winning the game. I wouldn't be shocked if she takes Ross to the end and loses to him.

The more interesting move would be if she takes Mark, who the others in the house seem to think is the easiest person to beat. But Marissa also has the perception of being dragged to the end by Ross. Would cutting him earn her enough respect to win the game? Ross, Ariadna and Brandi would vote for her to win, and I could see Keshia and Omarosa doing the same for sisterhood. Shannon and her are friends in the real world and Metta seemed to connect with her, so even they may feel less betrayed by her than Ross and vote for her. Like Ross, I think she'd beat Mark and that could be her only way to win.

The odds are certainly in the favor of Ross Mathews at this point. If he or Mark win the Final HoH, he'll probably win the game. There's even a chance he wins the game if Marissa wins the Final HoH. Ariadna would probably beat him, but she'd still take him and maybe he could rally enough votes to win anyway.

Basically, Ross has an excellent chance of being in the Final 2 no matter what happens with the last competition and if he's there, he has a good chance of winning the game. The fact that he's coming into the finale having won three competitions in a row gives him all of the momentum.

But if something weird happens with the last HoH, Ariadna or Marissa could sneak in and take the win away from Ross. As for Mark, it's very hard to see how he wins. But with an unsequestered jury of crazy celebrities, it's hard to tell what they'll do.

Who do you think will win?

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