'Celebrity Big Brother' Finale Recap: Who Is the Winner?
'Celebrity Big Brother' Finale Recap: Who Is the Winner?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It all comes down to this. After an entertaining and aggressive three weeks, Celebrity Big Brother ends its first season with a two-hour finale. Five HGs remain, but only two will be sitting at the end trying to get enough jury votes to win $250,000.

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Ross Mathews, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Ariadna Gutierrez, Mark McGrath and Omarosa remain. To get to the end, they first must survive the Final 5 HoH and PoV competitions, an eviction, the Final 4 competition and then two more evictions. It's been a wild and unpredictable season and anything can happen.

The Final 5 HoH Competition

The episode begins with the skiing endurance competition that started on Saturday's episode. Marissa is the first to fall, followed by Ariadna who was really struggling. Ross offers a deal, promising that he won't put Mark on the block at all, but Mark wants to win. Ross tries again to make a deal, but Omarosa steps in to stop it from happening. She keeps demanding that the people on the sidelines should get to hear the terms of the deal. Mark eventually decides to give it to Ross because he wants a letter from his mom, who is sick.

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Ross is the new HoH!

This is his second HoH win and Omarosa points out that both of them were thrown to him. She's not wrong. Of the seven HoH competitions, Shannon, Ariadna and Omarosa during the double eviction are the only ones that were genuine wins without throwing or deal-making.

The Nominations

Afterwards, Ross confirms that he's more loyal to Mark than Marissa and he won't put Mark up, even if Omarosa wins the PoV. Ross brings up his sob story about being a young fat gay kid who could actually win this competition. He's really pulling on the heartstrings.

Ross explains to Ariadna that he's putting her on the block next to Omarosa, but she knows that if Omarosa wins the PoV, it means she'll be evicted instead. Ross then tries to butter up Ariadna and gets her to say she'll take him to the Final 2 if she wins the last HoH.

Ross nominates Ariadna and Omarosa!

His speech is bland and generic. Omarosa knows that she needs to fight.

The Final Power of Veto Competition

They all play one at a time. They have to match the correct days for when events happened by climbing on a wall. But they can only lock in once and the person with the most right in the fastest time wins.

Ross and Marissa are the only ones who got all 8 days correct. Mark got 6, Ariadna got 4 and Omarosa only got 1. It comes down to time and Marissa took over 12 minutes while Ross did it in less than 6 minutes.

Ross wins the Power of Veto!

That wasn't even close and it's embarrassing that the other three couldn't even get eight simple days correct. Heck, you didn't even need to know the specific days, you just needed to know the order they happened in.

Ross does NOT use the Power of Veto!

This basically seals Omarosa's fate, but she uses her speech to say that God's plan is for Ariadna to win.

The Live Eviction

Ariadna is proud that people got to see her true self and she played a fair and honest game, staying true to her friends and her soul. Omarosa talks about God's power helping her go from the projects to the White House. She doesn't want hatred or bigotry to tear our country apart and wants to change things so we're truly one nation under God.

Marissa votes to evict...Omarosa
Mark votes to evict...Omarosa

Omarosa is evicted 2-0!

It's amazing that she's leaving with a warm reaction given how everyone thought it would go when she was first cast. She tells Julie Chen that they did the right thing because she took out the biggest target in the house, James. Omarosa is happy that she got to show people who she really is and got to play a game she loves.

The Final 4 HoH Competition

It's the most important competition of the season. All four HGs play and the winner has to evict two people and choose who they will sit next to in the Final 2. They will see six Twitter battles between evicted HGs and must answer which statement is wrong. The most points wins.

Question 1: Marissa is right.
Question 2: Everyone is right.
Question 3: Everyone is right.
Question 4: Everyone is right.
Question 5: Everyone is right,

Marissa has a 1 point lead going into the last question. BTW, these questions are super easy.

Question 6: Ross and Mark are right.

It's a three-way tie between Ross, Mark and Marissa.

The answer is a number and the closest without going over wins.

How many seconds was the Final 5 HoH skiing competition?

Ross: 1,500
Mark: 2,000

The answer is 600. (Ha, that means the endurance competition only lasted 10 minutes.)

Marissa is the final HoH!

Wow. Will she take Ross, even though she thinks she'll lose to him? Or Ariadna? Or will she go for Mark to try to win?

Marissa votes to evict Ariadna and Mark!

She admits that she wouldn't be standing there without Ross. Ugh, she has said on the live feeds that she believes Ross will beat her, so this could get awkward. Ross and Marissa celebrate. Mark isn't sure if she made the right decision. Marissa seems more than happy to sit next to her best friend, even if she loses.

The Final 2

It's down to the BFFs, Ross and Marissa, but first the jury gets to interrogate them.

Brandi asks what they regret the most. Marissa says it was hard when she had two friends on the block. Ross regrets making a Final 2 deal with Brandi on Day 2.

James asks if they stayed true to their words. Ross says he stayed true to his character, but pivoted a lot whenever the power shifted. Marissa claims that she always genuinely meant what she said in the moment.

Shannon asks why Marissa deserves to win over Ross. She says she did everything with Ross and just went along with his great ideas. WTF? That is not an answer as she says that they both played a great game and made great friends. Ross talks about pivoting and winning when his butt was on the line and he played with compassion and kindness.

Omarosa asks how their strategy changed and what was their biggest lie. Marissa's strategy never changed and it was all about making relationships. Her biggest lie was telling Chuck she didn't know he was going when she did. Ross never changed his strategy and claims that not telling the whole truth is not a lie.

Final Speeches: Marissa didn't expect to be here, but she was true to Ross and that matters more than potentially losing. Ugh, she's basically quitting. Ross talks about being in the audience of season 1 and he loves the game so much and it means a lot to him.

This is a joke. Even Marissa seems to admit that Ross will and should win. In a season where two people asked to be evicted, I guess this shouldn't be too surprising.

It's time to vote and the jurors are talking, trying to confer on what to do, but Julie Chen calls them out on it. Metta literally randomly picks a key without looking at it. Everyone is like, "No, what are you doing?" This is a joke. James says that their speeches changed his vote.

A lot of the jurors talk about voting for the most honest player. It sounds like Marissa could actually beat Ross, which is INSANE because even Marissa knows she shouldn't.

The Reunion

Before the results, Julie talks to the HGs. Shannon was shocked that everyone tried to backdoor her and that the people she trusted the most, Ross and Marissa, stabbed her in the back. Ross and Marissa say they had to do it because they couldn't beat her. Ross claims that he was loyal to every alliance he was in, until he wasn't. Metta says Ross played the game with no integrity, but he appreciated it. They show Brandi's goodbye message where she says that she doesn't like him at all.

The Winner

It's time to reveal the chaotic results.

Mark voted for...Ross
Ariadna voted for...Marissa
Omarosa voted for...Marissa
James voted for...Marissa
Brandi voted for...Ross
Metta voted for...Ross
Shannon voted for...Marissa
Keshia voted for...Marissa
Chuck voted for...Marissa

Marissa Jaret Winokur is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother!

More accurately, Ross Mathews lost. This was clearly a jury that was bitter against him for lying and not owning his game. It's a lot like how Josh beat Paul in season 19. Even Marissa seemed to think she didn't deserve to win. The lesson of Paul and Ross is that you need to own your game and just be honest about betraying people instead of trying to act like you're a good guy.

The Top 3 for America's Favorite are Shannon, James and Ross.

Ross Mathews wins America's Favorite Houseguest!

What the hell? How did that happen? Even he though that he was the villain after he lost. Either way, Ross and Marissa clearly stole the show.

It was a fun season, but a crazy, chaotic ending with random votes, an angry jury and a winner who admitted last night on the feeds that she didn't deserve to win, especially against Ross.

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