'Big Brother 2' Winner Dr. Will Helps Saves Lives at the Movies
'Big Brother 2' Winner Dr. Will Helps Saves Lives at the Movies
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Luckily for two people, there was a doctor in the house on Friday night at a Los Angeles movie theater. TMZ reports that Big Brother 2 winner and legend of the game Dr. Will Kirby put his medical background to good use, helping to save two moviegoers having seizures.

On Friday night Dr. Will and his wife went to the movies to see Blockers, but in the middle of the screening the film stopped and the lights came on as someone was shouting for medical assistance. Someone in the front row was having a seizure and Dr. Will sprang into action, helping to stabilize the victim until paramedics could arrive 20 minutes later.

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Once the incident was over, the crowd gave Dr. Will a standing ovation and the second half of the film was shown. But that's not all.

After his film was done and he was leaving the theater, the staff called him in again because another person was having a seizure in a different film, A Quiet Place. Dr. Will helped her out as well. He got a second standing ovation and a bunch of free movie passes.

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Though Dr. Will may have played the role of a villain on TV, he's obviously anything but that in real life. Dr. Will won the second season of Big Brother and returned to finish in fourth place on All-Stars. He also regularly returns to the show as a moderator for the jury before they decide who will win and occasionally as an interview after the finale for CBS.

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