Why 'Arrow' Should Focus More on the New Team
Why 'Arrow' Should Focus More on the New Team
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The rupture of Oliver's team on Arrow has created two separate teams that are fighting to save Star City: Original Team Arrow and New Team Arrow (as they like to refer to themselves.) Though they have continued to work together in the episodes following the split because of Cayden's plan to bomb the city, we don't know why Dinah, Curtis and Rene have continued to live their vigilante double lives outside of Oliver's team and why it means so much to them.

Trust Issues

The newbies parted ways from Oliver's team because of trust. They trusted one another, but not Oliver, Felicity or Diggle after the way they were watched when the original members suspected one of the newbies to be a traitor. This is reason enough to leave Oliver's team, which they did, but it doesn't explain why they've continued to fight for the city as vigilantes.

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What are their motivations to continue living this dangerous life? Even when they were on Oliver's team, we never really saw a reason for any of the members to be vigilantes. Something similar happened with Thea, AKA Speedy, in season 4 when she joined Team Arrow. She didn't have a real motivation to protect Star City, unlike Oliver, Diggle, Felicity and even Laurel, who fought for the city during the day and at night because she wanted to protect it and find the justice she couldn't in the courtroom. It's a real problem for Arrow considering they have yet to give any of the new team members a real reason to be a vigilante, so their current situation with two separate teams doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't they just quit being vigilantes if they weren't working with the Green Arrow? This is why we need more focus on the newer team.

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It's Personal

With how their personal lives are going, it could be a reason for throwing themselves into their double lives, but it doesn't make sense because it's not being addressed. Dinah just found out her ex-boyfriend (who she presumed was dead) was alive, so why did she continue to be the Black Canary and not spend more time with him before he died again? They could have left town and left all of this behind, but, instead, Vince ended up dead and Dinah's on a killing spree again.

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Curtis, on the other hand, is now divorced because of his vigilante life, and has no personal life to speak of. His business with Felicity could be growing, but the separation of the Green Arrow team could have ruined that, too, as we haven't really seen any progress there, either. And Rene, who just got his daughter back, is continuing to be Wild Dog, but why is he risking losing his daughter again (and possibly his life) to fight for Star City when he supposedly has everything he wanted? All of the newbies have lost so much to this life already, and haven't gained much from being heroes either. Instead of just focusing on them as heroes, maybe the writers could spend a bit more time on their everyday lives and let fans understand why they're doing what they are.

What do you think? Should Arrow focus more on the newbies and their personal lives? Should their vigilante lives have ended by now? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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