'Arrow' Is Looking for Redemption in All the Wrong Places
'Arrow' Is Looking for Redemption in All the Wrong Places
Vanessa Frith
Vanessa Frith
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Unpopular opinion: Black Siren does not need, nor deserve, redemption. In fact, Arrow's attempts to force morality upon the Earth-2 villain is making poor Quentin Lance look more than a little unhinged.

The theme of season 6 is family, and with that in mind, it's no surprise Arrow writers have provided viewers with a grieving father willing enough to suspend disbelief if it means reconnecting with his eldest daughter. We can't even begin to imagine the pain of losing a child, but we're fairly certain no therapist in the multiverse would prescribe latching onto her doppelganger as a cure. 

Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) is not your daughter, Quentin (Paul Blackthorn.) Providing her with a deluge of memories, letting her call you dad (no matter how sarcastic her phrasing is) and placing all your hope in her "rehabilitation"? None of those things will bring your Laurel back. You should have shot her in the head when you had the chance. This course of action is not only emotionally debilitating but continues to play you for a fool.

When the Earth-2 doppelganger popped up wearing the face of a beloved lead, viewers were quick to dismiss her villainous ways. Even before we had a chance to get to know Black Siren as a character, redemption was the buzzword. And who wouldn't want that? To have Cassidy back on Oliver's (Stephen Amell) side, fighting the good fight, would allow Arrow to ride high on a wave of nostalgia. That being said, the road to redemption is a hard-scrabble, uphill climb. When a character reaches the summit, death is often all that's there to greet them.

And for a moment during "The Devil's Greatest Trick," we thought a muted Black Siren was ready to sacrifice herself for the good of Star City. It didn't fit with her current mindset, but nevertheless, it seemed the only way to justify her phony confession. Take the fall and that thermobaric bomb never goes off, right? Unless, of course, she knew Cayden's (Michael Emerson) trigger would short her meta-dampening collar. Self-preservation is her modus operandi, after all.

In fact, the only spark of redemption we've seen was when Black Siren paused for a microsecond before screaming Vigilante into oblivion. To see Quentin continually build up his hopes for such a paltry display is painful -- far more painful than watching Laurel take a bullet to the gut courtesy of Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy.) When she closed her eyes and appeared to breathe her last, we let out a sigh of relief. 

Thanks to her "father's" ministrations, however, Black Siren's journey is far from over. If redemption ever does come, it needs to be raised off more than a Morality 101 seminar courtesy of the old Black Canary. It needs to be hard fought, and as such, it might not come until well after the season 6 finale. 

"We talked a lot about whether or not we should redeem her [and] how we should do so, but, again, one of the advantages of having a show -- knock on wood -- that you know is staying on the air [is that] you can have a long con," showrunner Marc Guggenheim explained to Seat42F. "That to us is the thing that excites us as writers. We really like planting seeds that don't come to fruition for many seasons."

Do you think Black Siren deserves redemption? If so, how should it come about? Sound off in the comments!

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