'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Who Will Be the First Acts in the Finals?
'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Who Will Be the First Acts in the Finals?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The clock is ticking to the America's Got Talent season 12 finale. It's only a couple weeks until the next champion of the show, who almost certainly is going to be a singer, will be crowned. There's some hoops to get through before making it to the finals. The 21 remaining acts will be cut down to just 10, with half of that number coming from two semifinals. So let's make some predictions about that first half.

I'm going to change things up with the predictions. While previous prediction articles were all about who was going home, these predictions will be about the acts that are sticking around. From now until the finale, it's time to pick the routines that will be rewarded, not discarded.

So first up:

Preacher Lawson 

Preacher doesn't tickle my personal funny bone. He's a brand of comedian who talks a mile a minute and says everything extremely loud, but there's not a lot of substance to it. It's not my comedy cup of tea. 

There's no use denying that he's very good at his brand, though, and people love him. With singers likely to be cancelling each other out, Preacher has almost no competition in the comedy department. He'll make it through.

Billy and Emily England 

These half-naked siblings aren't going to win the season -- and not just because neither of them can sing. They're just too weird. Yet, their strangeness is perfect to land them in the finals, especially this season. There's no one more memorable than these two. 

They're also so good at their death-defying roller-skating shtick. It doesn't even matter that you forget they're related as they twirl around each other wearing barely any clothes. Billy and Emily are mesmerizing. 

Darci Lynne 

Darci has always been fighting an uphill battle on the show because of her similarity to America's Got Talent's greatest success story, Terry Fator. The two singing ventriloquists are undeniably linked, and it's unavoidable to compare them. The Terry comparison might hurt Darci's chances of winning it all, but she's so good that she'll land a spot in the finals -- if for no other reason than America's Got Talent has to bring Terry out to perform with her.

Chase Goehring

From here, the picks get a little shaky. It's a pretty safe bet that most of the acts in the finals will be singers. It's just a matter of which ones make it through. Still, it doesn't quite feel like an AGT finale if there's not some awkward indie singer in the mix. 

Chase might be filling a usual role on the show, but he's very talented and his original songs have almost always been a joy. (Johnny Manuel really needs to take notes.) This might be a pick made mostly with the heart (and not the head), but he was one of the better acts of the night. 

Mike Yung 

Before the semifinals, the chances of Mike going to the finals were slim to none. Then America's Got Talent gave him the best spot of the night -- the last one -- and presented him with a story designed to leave not a dry eye in the house. Mike has been a good singer so far in season 12, but his semifinals performance was remarkable. 

It was good enough that it can (and should) knock out other more consistent acts like DaNell Daymon and the Greater Works or Johnny Manuel. Yoli could be in contention too if she hadn't been stranded in the death spot of opening the show. 

The stars might've just aligned in the perfect way for this subway singer to hit the big time. 

What do you think? Who do you see moving forward to the finals? Who do you want to move forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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