'America's Got Talent' Results Recap: Here are the 5 Acts Headed to the Finals
'America's Got Talent' Results Recap: Here are the 5 Acts Headed to the Finals
Bill King
Bill King
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After back-to-back snoozefests to close out the quarterfinals, America's Got Talent finally delivered a satisfying night of live performances that will hopefully get season 12 back on track. And now, five standouts are headed to the finals.

There seems to be a general consensus as to four of the five acts that will make up half our Top 10, but the recipient of that final coveted spot remains a bigger mystery than how Eric Jones does his magic (because he shows us, like an accidental episode of Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed).

Breakdown and Predictions

Darci Lynne Farmer is an absolute lock, having presently garnered 85 and 76 percent of the votes, respectively, in a pair of BuddyTV "best of the night" polls. Billy and Emily England and Preacher Lawson are similarly obvious choices after impressive showings, boosted by the simple fact that none of them sing for their supper (even if Preacher screams for his). 

WGWG Chase Goehring rounds out the "duh" portion of the results, with the big question being which of the quartet will need the Dunkin' Save or judge vote to advance. My deserving pick for the fifth spot is surprise-of-the-night Evie Clair, who edges out Johnny Manuel thanks to her stellar decision-making abilities (a sore spot for Lil' Johnny), even if he has the clear advantage in God-given chops.

Solely by pimp-spot virtue, Mike Yung has to be considered in the running for the save, as does the unbridled joy of Sara and Hero (and Loki). But ultimately, I think both fall short, as will DaNell Daymon and Greater Works, Eric Jones, and poor Yoli Mayor. Or more likely, here's why I'm wrong (about no. 5, at least).

On to the results, as well as the triumphant return of The Clairvoyants!

Who Needs Your Save?

After the time-killing customary 10-minute recap, which includes backstage footage of Hero and Loki continuing their frisbee tug of war, Tyra Banks reveals the recipients of the fourth-, fifth- and sixth-most votes. And competing for the Dunkin' Save are: Chase Goehring, Eric Jones and Evie Clair.

It's not a surprise, provided all the other results are as advertised. But if Eric's show-and-tell magic makes it over either singer, it'll be a shame. I'm afraid he'll get the judge vote simply by being different, so I'm tempted to cast my vote for Evie. 

After a quick visit to see what's poppin' in the Dunkin' Lounge (other than Preacher Lawson doing the worm), it's time for the first results. Tyra summons DaNell Daymon and Greater Works and Preacher Lawson.

Preacher Lawson is in the Top 10

One down, four to go. And next to learn their fates are Johnny Manuel and Yoli Mayor. It's either neither, or a favorite is out. 

Johnny Manuel and Yoli Mayor are both eliminated

Whew. They tricked me into worrying the Englands were out. Still, there doesn't appear to be much mystery left. It's unfathomable to think Mike Yung or Sara and Hero is going to oust Darci or the half nekkid siblings.

Welcome to the Halftime Show

Our filler this evening comes courtesy of Buzzer Buddies, a battle-of-the-sexes game testing the judges' knowlege of each other. Here's what we learned (incorrect guesses in parenthasis):

  • Simon's favorite mid-show snack is tangerines
  • Mel's favorite snack is salt and vinegar chips
  • Simon's middle name is Philip (Howie's guess is "Mon" or "Ricky")
  • Mel's middle name is Janine (Heidi's guess is "Scary")
  • If Heidi could clean out Mel's closet, she'd throw away old underwear
  • If Howie could clean out Simon's closet, he'd throw out the white T-shirts (Simon guesses "everything")
  • On set, Heidi can't be without "breathing" (Mel guesses "phone")
  • On set, Howie can't be without hair gel (Simon guesses "hand sanitzer")
  • Simon loves Howie, but he wishes he'd stop calling at 5 a.m. to go to a suana (Howie guesses "being punny")
  • Mel loves Heidi, but she wishes she would stop singing
And so the ladies are the champions, and none of us will ever have that time back. But feel free to spend another six minutes watching it again.

The Real Fireworks

The Clairvoyants are back, this time introducing new members Howie Mandel and Mel B. They blindfold Howie and tell him to raise his hand every time he feels a touch, and he procedes to lift his arm every time they touch Mel. 

Then they have Mel think of a word ("sunshine"), which Howie is somehow able to correctly guess.

Now can anyone explain to me why Buzzer Buddies lasted like 12 minutes, and The Clairvoyants less than five? Can't I donate some of the time I wasted on Heidi taking "what can't you live without" a bit too literally? Really? Air? 

Anticipating Predictability

Tyra calls out Darci Lynne Farmer and Mike Yung, and there's no need to expect the unexpected.

Darci Lynne Farmer is in the Top 10

The final decision based solely on the semifinal performances is between Sara and Hero and Billy and Emily England, and could we be in for a stunner?

Sara and Hero are in the Top 10

WHHHHHAAAAATTTTT??? Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. America's Got Talent goes to the dogs. Pooches 2, skin-tight siblings 0. 

Semifinal Saves

There's three people left for two spots, and it's time for the Dunkin' Save results.

Evie Clair is in the Top 10

Alright, judges, do your duty and decide on talent, not genre. But first, the lineup for the second semifinal group is unveiled, and Pompeyo Family Dogs is the second wildcard. 

I thought they should've gone through before, but it still seems like an odd choice with Sara and Hero in the mix. Now...

Heidi picks Eric Jones
Mel picks Chase Goehring
Simon picks Chase Goehring
Howie picks Chase Goehring

Chase Goehring is in the Top 10

I reiterate my earlier "whew."

Half the Finale is Set

And there you have it, with five of our Top 10 set for the finale. I thought the fifth spot was the one up in the air, never even considering Billy and Emily would be on the outside looking in. Acrobatic roller skate spinning is a lot like rolla bolla in that it never gets the respect it deserves, so perhaps these results aren't too surprising. 
America mostly got it right, but do you agree with their decisions? Who is staying but should be gone? And which act sent packing earned a spot in the finals? Finally, who among our five (and they're all individuals) has a legitimate chance to win the whole thing? Is it just Darci?

And Evie, please start brushing up on Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years." It absolutely must be your finale song.

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