'American Idol' Predictions: Who Won't Make the Top 10?
'American Idol' Predictions: Who Won't Make the Top 10?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On American Idol season 16, the power is switching over from the judges (and their questionable decisions) to America and their own (inevitable) questionable decisions. Though the live shows are starting with the next episode, American Idol is reaching the end of the reboot season, with only a month left until the winner is crowned. As such, these upcoming weeks will be getting rid of a lot of contestants in quick session. 

The Top 14 will be narrowed down to a Top 10. A large chunk of American Idol hopefuls are losing out on their dream. So It's time to make some predictions for who will get that ax.

A lot of contestants will be leaving. However, the majority are still sticking around. So for brevity's sake, I won't run down the entire Top 14 and highlight the best 10. Instead, this prediction article will just single out those artists most likely to go home, based on their Top 14 performance, their overall journey and, of course, just a personal gut feeling. 

Mara Justine 

Mara is probably the biggest Idol fan in the cast. This makes it particularly upsetting that Mara will probably be among the first to be outed by America. It's not her fault. Her Top 14 performance was very shaky and inconsistent, but she's just not ready for the American Idol stage.

Mara is the youngest of the very young cast. She lost herself in front of the audience. She was hopelessly overwhelmed. Everyone, including herself, seemed to sense that it was her first and last time performing for votes. 

Michelle Sussett 

In another reality where American Idol positioned Michelle later in the show and where Jurnee didn't perform, she might have a chance of getting through. Michelle really got the short end of the stick for the Top 14. She was stranded at the top of the show, and although she did give it her all, her vocals weren't fantastic. 

Michelle strutted around the stage like she owned it, flipping her hair and choreographed her bum off ... but everything Jurnee did blew her out of the water. Michelle felt more like a very aggressive karaoke singer rather than a true artist. Michelle badly wants to win, but she's not ready and could get an early boot.

Jonny Brenns

How Jonny got this far in the competition is legitimately perplexing. The only reason that statement doesn't feel unnecessary cruel is that Jonny would probably agree. His every moment on American Idol seems to be one of incredulous joy. While that's fun, it can only get him so far. Jonny isn't much of a singer, as personally likable as he may be -- and he is pretty likable. The teen girl vote can never be discounted, but heart-eyed young girls can only combat vocal mediocrity so much. 

Caleb Lee Hutchinson 

Caleb has been very prominent in the run-up to the Top 14. Someone with as much American Idol screen time as Caleb has gotten shouldn't be in that much danger. However, he was given the thankless spot of opening the show, picked a song that didn't suit his voice and received the harshest criticisms, by far, from the judges. The judges, as always, were pretty lenient. With Caleb, they weren't brutally honest, but they were honest. Caleb didn't put his best vocal foot forward, and they let him know it.

Before the Top 14, Caleb wasn't a frontrunner, but he had a good shot of making it decently far in the competition. Now it seems like he'll be out before things even really begin. 

What are your own predictions? Who do you think is going home? Who is staying? Who do you want to stay and leave? Do you have a favorite to win the competition? Or is it too early to tell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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