'American Horror Story: Cult' Recap: Do Ally's Delusions Get Worse?
'American Horror Story: Cult' Recap: Do Ally's Delusions Get Worse?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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American Horror Story: Cult returns with another spine-tingling episode full of clowns and scares. It's been difficult to tell whether the clowns are real or not already. One minute, they seem like Ally's delusions, and the next, they're possibly real. Even Twisty isn't a certainty, especially considering he was in Freak Show.

This episode, titled "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," kicks off exactly where the season 7 premiere ended: Ally is in bed with the three-headed clown.

Ally Faces Reality

Screaming, Ally rushes down the stairs to find Ivy, who grabs a knife and heads straight up to the bedroom. Considering her lack of belief in Ally's visions in the premiere, it's a little odd that she believes Ally right away, but this could be her motherly instincts kicking in.

Of course, Ivy soon gets up the stairs to find nothing. Ally has no choice but to admit that the clowns may be a delusion, after all.

Yet, there's a chance that the clowns are real when they turn their attention to Oz. However, we soon find out that the visions are possibly a night terror. Oz doesn't know, as they feel so real. What does Winter suggest? Just ask them if he's asleep or awake. It certainly seems to help, as long as the clowns aren't part of Winter's plan to trick the boy.

Oz Starts to Push Ally Out

After waking from his night terror, Ally finds that Oz doesn't want her near him. She's pushed even further out when Ivy gets an alert that the security alarm at the restaurant is tripped. Oz doesn't want Ivy to leave, so Ally goes instead. When Ivy isn't around on another night, he turns to the nanny for support first. Luckily, Ally doesn't hear about that.

Of course, in typical American Horror Story fashion, the restaurant alarm isn't just a simple false alarm. Someone was there at some point, as Ally soon finds her kitchen manager hanging on a hook in the freezer. As many would guess, the police instantly believe that Pedro the kitchen worker was involved, since he and the manager had an argument earlier.

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New Neighbors Move In

Meanwhile, the video of Kai's "attack" makes it to the news. Conveniently, only his beating was shared, and it just so happens to be by the couple that have bought the house across the street from Ivy and Ally.

Ally's paranoia sets in, believing that her neighbors are there for something sinister. It looks like her anxiety is taking over again, as it turns out that the husband is gay but married to his best friend. They've had credit issues, so they needed to find a cheap house to buy; what's cheaper than a house where a murder had taken place?

After the initial meeting, Ally seems to take to the neighbors, especially the husband. He shares his gun safe, which is more like an armory, and lets her have one of his guns to protect her. Three guesses on how this ends, but you'll only need one! The neighbors are useful later, though, when the husband returns with candles after the power goes out.

Kai Rallies Up Votes

After his "attack" and the murder of the city councillor, Kai decides to run for the seat. Using bad information and statistics from Facebook (fake news, anyone?), Kai attempts to get Ally's vote. It's not going to be easy since she remembers him from the latte-throwing incident, especially when he starts threatening her on her doorstep.

Kai may have another way through to Ally with Winter around. Winter starts flirting with Ally, running her a bath to help her relax. It all seems to be going Winter's way until the security system goes off and the clowns return.

Learning that there are riots going on, Winter decides she needs to go home to protect her belongings, leaving Ally in the house with Oz, the clowns and a dead cell phone. When the ice cream truck appears, Ally can't help but panic and makes sure all the doors and windows are securely locked. The problem is that the security alarm backup isn't working, and she soon learns that the fuses have gone out and there are clowns in the house.

Grabbing her gun, she gets Oz out of bed and rushes out of the house. This is where it all goes awry. Seeing movement at the door, Ally gets into a "shoot first, ask questions later" mode and shoots the person. It turns out to be poor Pedro, and that's where the episode leaves us until next time. Just how will Ally come back from this?

Do you think American Horror Story season 7 got its mojo back after the last two episodes? Are the clowns real or a delusion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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