May 22, 2018

Dear Fellow Television Fans,

We’re sad to report that, as of today, we have made the difficult decision to take BuddyTV offline.

Ten years ago, our team had a dream to become every TV watcher’s friend. We wanted to enhance, enrich and entertain like-minded TV and pop-culture fans around the world. We believed that television viewers didn’t just crave the latest news, but also desired a place to share their own insights with other TV fans, challenge friends with trivia games and much, much more.

We are humbled by the time, dedication and passion this community has contributed to BuddyTV through years. Together we discussed the latest plot developments, argued over the best couples to ship and held our breath during every renewal and cancellation season. You proved to us that the television experience is meant to be shared and your feedback let us grow.

It has been a privilege to be invited into your Fandoms for the last decade. Thank you for making our dream a reality.


The BuddyTV Team